There are separate BCA and ENT videos for prescribing. Choose the video appropriate to how you practice allergy.

This article will cover the process of writing a prescription order in Summit. For information on prescribing from a skintest, please refer to THIS article.

From the main dashboard, pull up a patient's chart by typing the patient's last name, first name, MRN, or DOB into the Patient Search bar. Once in the chart, click the Order quick button to to being the ordering process.

In the order entry window, click <add> to bring up the add prescription window. Here you can select from existing prescriptions to add to the order or choose the number of new prescriptions you want to create. Once you've chosen the prescriptions you want to add, click Add Selected to continue.

You are now in the order entry screen. The default prescribing profile assigned to the provider will auto populate certain values like the diluent used, vial size, and included dilutions. Additionally, any default doses assigned for the profile will be included once extracts are added. You can dynamically add additional prescriptions to the treatment set but clicking the <add> button.

Note: Set or confirm the prescribing profile BEFORE entering extract information as changing the profile will change default doses and clear out all included extracts.

To add extracts to your prescription, click the Edit button. Click the Show Filters button to search for extracts by name or sort by name or class by clicking on the corresponding column header. Clicking on extracts will highlight them in green and add them to the included extracts like with their default dose, if any. If an extract does not have a default does, or if you wish to used a different dose than the default, simply click the dose for that extract and change it.

ENT Note: Once an extract has been added to a prescription, you can set the ENT dilution by clicking the up and down arrows next to the dilution. You can also use the Increment/Decrement All buttons to adjust all the dilutions in a prescription at once. When reordering, the prior ENT dilution for an extract will be listed in parentheses next to the current dilution.

Tip: clicking on the i button next to an extract will open up a window showing information about the extract as well as any patient history with the extract.

Once you have added all desired extracts and set or confirmed their doses, enter any notes for the order or treatment set, choose a clinic to assign the order to, and set a status for the order. If there are multiple orders in the treatment set, you can use the Set for All RXs button to set the same clinic and treatment set status for all orders.

If you have set up incompatibilities between extract classes and add an incompatible extract to a prescription, the incompatible extracts will turn red in the included extracts section. Clicking the next to an extract will provide further details.

If an extract is in multiple prescriptions within the same order, the extract will be highlighted in yellow. Click the button next to the extract for more information or to move or remove the extract from the prescription.

Once you are done selecting extracts for the prescription, click on the weakest dilution you want to include in the order. Any unselected dilutions will grey out. Verify all the extracts, doses, and other settings are correct then click the green Submit button in the top right corner of the screen. Clicking Submit again on the review screen will complete the prescription process and the order will be added to the mixing queue.

That's it! You can now create a prescription order in Summit. For additional questions, please refer to our other knowledge base articles or contact Xtract Support.