Summit supports the ability to substitute extracts within the application. This article will walk a user through how to identify a substitution at the extract level.

Access your Extracts window in Summit to bring up your master list of antigens: 

Click on the antigen in question to select: 

Then, click on the ADD button under the Substitute box: 

Search for the antigen that you want to assign as a Substitute to your selected antigen by typing in the text box: 

You'll be presented with a list of options that meet your filter criteria. To assign a substitute, click on the desired line, and click SAVE. 

If the dilution or units of the assigned substitutions(s) is different, you'll be prompted to confirm your selection. If appropriate, click SAVE again:

Once you've hit save, you will now see your substitute assigned to the appropriate extract. Click SAVE again to lock in the change

Substitutions work two-ways, so your extracts are now able to be swapped out for each other.