This article will cover the process for creating a Skintest panel in Summit. Skintest panels are used to quickly select predetermined antigens to test for in a skintest. For more information about the skintest process as a whole, please refer to the Skintests in Summit article.

Skintest panels allow providers to select a specific set of antigens to include in a skintest with a single click. For example, if you include the same X number of antigens frequently on skintests, you can create a panel that can add those antigens to a skintest with a single click. A  can have several different panels for different providers and situations, and antigens can still be added and removed manually from a panel as needed.

To create a new skintest panel, navigate to System Management >Panels. The dropdown list on the left side of the screen will show all the existing skintest panels for your location. Selecting a panel will show a list of antigens in your system broken down by class and the included antigens for the panel highlighted in green. To modify the included antigens in the panel, click on the desired antigen to either add or remove it from the panel. When all of the desired changes have been made, click the Update button to save the panel.

Clicking the Add New Panel button will show a text box for you to name the new panel. Add a name for the panel and click the green Create button to make a new skintest panel. This will make a new, blank skintest panel. Adding antigens to the panel is as simple as clicking on the desired antigens from antigen list. Each antigen with an assigned class will be listed with other antigens of the same class. Clicking on an antigen will turn it green and add it to the skintest panel. To remove an antigen, simply click on it again and it will turn grey and be removed. Once all the desired antigens have been added, click Create to save the panel. The skintest panel can now be used when creating a skintest.

You are now able to create a skintest panel in Summit! For additional questions, please refer to our other knowledge base articles or contact Xtract support via Freshdesk ticket, email, or telephone.