Creating a new user in Summit is a two step process. First, a user has to be created in the User Management screen of Summit, and information about the user must be entered. Second, the user must follow a link in an account activation email to verify their email address and set a password for Summit. While this is a fairly simple process, there are a couple potential complications that could keep the process from proceeding smoothly. This article will walk you through the process from start to finish and make not of potential pitfalls.

Creating a new user begins by navigating to System Management > User Management. Here you can see all of the user accounts that exist in Summit for your organization. More information about the user management screen can be found in the How to Add/Delete Users in Summit article. This article will deal primarily the process of activating a user once created in Summit.

Selecting New User from the display name list will open a blank user and allow you to enter the user's information. Any field marked with a * is a required field. Each user is required to have a unique display name and email address and must be assigned to at least one user group. Once all of the information for the user has been entered, click either Save  or Save as New to create the user. This will also send an email to the address listed for the user to verify their email and set a password.

PLEASE NOTE: Email spam filters, especially for accounts based on Gmail, are notorious for flagging email validation and password reset emails as spam. If the user does not see a validation email within a couple minutes, have them check their spam filter to see if it has been flagged. The sender should be listed as SUMMIT and look like the example shown above.

The account creating email will look like the example above. Clicking the Complete Setup button or copy/pasting the URL shown in the email will return the user to summit and prompt them to set a password. Activation emails are valid for one hour. If the user completes the setup process before the verification token expires, the process is simple as setting and confirming a new password. 

If you are able to set and confirm your password at this point, congratulations! You are now able to log in and access Summit! If it has been longer than an hour since the verification email has been sent and the token has expired, keep reading for instruction on how to continue.

If the verification token has expired, a message like the one below will show up and the activation process will contain a couple extra steps.

If the user's verification token has expired they will need to click the Forgot Password button, as their password has not been set yet. From there, they will need to enter their email address again to send a password reset request. Once the request has been sent, check your email for password reset instructions. If your first email from Summit was caught by a spam filter, it is extremely likely the password reset email will as well.

The password reset email will look like the example above and clicking on the Reset Password button or copying the link in the email will take you to the password reset screen in Summit. After setting a new password, attempt to log in to Summit using your username and password. A message will appear asking you to validate your email. Check your email for a third, and final time for an email verification message like the one below. Clicking on the Verify Email Address button will confirm your email, return you to Summit, and allow you to log in.

You have now completed the user activation process and are able to log in and use Summit! For additional questions or issues, please refer to our other knowledge base article or contact Xtract support via Freshdesk ticket, email, or telephone.