This article will cover the process for installing and setting up PrintNode. PrintNode is a program that works with Summit to make sure that all of the documents generated in Summit print. Most of the PrintNode setup process should be taken care of during implementation, but if additional computers are added, or changes have to be made, this document will walk you through the process.

Download PrintNode and run the installer. You will see a licensing agreement window in the installer, click accept and then next through the following windows until you see the window pictured below.

Check both the Create a Desktop Shortcut and Install PrintNode as as Windows Service boxes (they are unchecked by default). The desktop shortcut allows for easier access to PrintNode and installing PrintNode as a Windows service is needed for PrintNode to function correctly with Summit. A confirmation message will appear once you hit next, click yes and then install. PrintNode will begin installing.

The final screen of the installation process will look like the example above. An important note at this step is to make sure that the Open PrintNode Web Interface option IS NOT selected. The desired options should look exactly like the above example. Once the correct options are set, click finish to finalize the installation.

A PrintNode shortcut icon that looks like the picture above should now be on your desktop. Double click on the icon to open PrintNode. It occasionally takes PrintNode a couple minutes to open. If it looks like nothing is happening, be patient. If you see a "Can't Connect!" message pop up, don't worry, it's fairly normal and expected. After a few minutes PrintNode should eventually start.

Once PrintNode has opened, use the login and password provided to you by your project manager to sign in. If you don't have, or can't remember your login information, contact Xtract support or your project manager to get them.

After logging in, click the settings tab. Here, make sure the box that says Verify SSL/TLS peer is unchecked. The other settings shouldn't need to be changed.

Once this setting has been changed, PrintNode should be set up! 


To test print in Summit to confirm that the printers are working as expected, login and select Settings from the main User Menu. Navigate to General > Printers & Templates

Click on a template from the list and choose the Printers button at the bottom. 

This list of printers should populate from those connected or otherwise available from the computer. Check the boxes for any that you wish to print to for the selected template. You may select different printers for each template, as desired. Be sure to click Save before switches to another template.

Now, navigate to a patient or test patient chart and open the Report History window. Click Generate or Print. Confirm that the Destination option is the printer you want to test a print to, then click Print.

To test a label printer, open the Inventory window from the System Management menu. Select an inventory item and use the Action dropdown to select Print. 

You can test a patient treatment set label from the Purchase Order window. Select Details and then Print.

If you are still having print issues, contact Xtract support via email, Freshdesk support ticket, or telephone for further assistance.