The General Settings section beings at 2:25 in the video

This article will cover the options found in the General tab of the Settings screen. The general tab contains options for local and global settings, print dialogs and templates, inventory locations, statuses, and vial sizes. Each of these options allows you to customize certain aspects of how Summit performs in your environment. Because of the highly customizable nature of these options, you location will not look identical to the shown, but the options remain the same.

Navigate to the general settings menu using User Menu > Settings > General

The first option in the general settings menu, Local Settings is open by default when you enter the settings screen. The local setting option allows you to set the physical location you are accessing Summit from. If you only have one location, you won't need to use this function. Setting a local location allows multi clinic hospitals and health systems to filter the injection dashboard to only show patients at a specific location. Each workstation at a location must be set to the same location for the filtering feature to work properly.

The Global Settings screen is where you can set a default excuse time and set a default logo image and a logo that will be seen on reports. The default excuse time is the amount of time a patient must wait before being excused after an injection, though a provider with the appropriate privilege level can change the excuse time during an injection workflow, if necessary. Logos should have been set during your system configuration, but can be changed or updated here by simply clicking the Upload New button for either and choosing the desired image.

Summit comes preconfigured with templates that generate labels and PDFs. The Printers & Templates screen shows each of these templates and information about them. Print templates are very complex and it is not recommended that users try to change information about templates. If you need a change made to a template, please contact Xtract support for assistance. You can, however, set which printers a template is assigned to by clicking on them template and then clicking Printers. This will show a list of printers in your system and allow you to choose which destinations you want available for that template.

The Print Dialogs allows you set global print defaults for your Summit environment. While Summit does support local defaults that cam be set per workstation, this is a helpful too that allows us to preconfigure the application during Implementation. This screen works with the print templates to assign the proper template to different dialogs and set default destinations for documents. You can set which templates are available in different areas within Summit by clicking the Templates button. For example, if you want to be able to print a touchless login label after doing a mix, you can set that template as an available option to print at the end of a mix.

Inventory locations are a helpful way to manage and filter inventory stock. The Inventory Locations screen is where you can set the options the appear for locations when adding inventory into Summit. Locations are simple free-text fields that can be highly customized for your physical location and what makes the most sense in your environment.

Throughout Summit there are multiple status dropdowns to help manage clinical workflows, and the Status Settings screen is where they are managed. Within each of the status options shown above you are able create and set the position of the available options for the status dropdown. Clicking on a status, purchase order in the above example, will open a window allowing you to set the different options available within the workflow. Changing the position of the status names will alter the order in which they appear in the dropdown.

The final option in general settings is the ability to set available vial sizes. The Vial Size screen shows all the available vial size options when creating a prescribing profile or entering an order. One thing to note is while you can create and delete different vials sizes as needed, you can not change a vial size once it has been added.

This concludes general settings in Summit. For information about dosing plans or lobby settings, please refer to the Dosing Plans in Summit or Lobby Settings in Summit knowledge base articles. For any additional questions, please refer to our other articles or contact Xtract support.