There are separate videos for BCA and ENT mixing, each with specific information based on Summit configuration.

This article will cover the process of compounding a treatment set in Summit. Summit is highly customizable, so while images in this article might not match your configuration exactly, the overall process is that same. Additionally, this article is built on a fairly standard configuration so your location might have additional navigational quick buttons for easier movement through the mixing process.

Note: All values in the images contained in this article are for example purposes only.

Upon logging in to Summit you will be taken to the main dashboard. Depending on your clinical configuration, this will be either the injection dashboard or the mixing dashboard. If your default is the injection dashboard, use the Mix Queue Quick Button to enter the mixing dashboard.

The mixing queue shows all available prescriptions that have been ordered and are ready to be mixed. The queue features multiple columns that provide information about each prescriptions including: Patient name, prescription number, prescription name, provider, and multiple action buttons and status dropdowns. The columns shown are set by your locations defaults, but additional columns can be displayed by clicking the Choose Columns dropdown. Additionally, clicking the Show Filters button opens search bars for each column allowing you to enter text to find your desired prescription to mix, or you can click on the column headers to sort the queue by that column. Clicking the View button will bring up a review of the prescription and, depending on your privilege level, allow you to make changes. Once you have found your desired prescription, click the red Mix button to enter the vial mixing screen.

Note: Since vial mixing is tied to a patient, the patient header will be visible throughout the mixing process. This allows you to see the patient checkboxes and patient flags that may be relevant as you mix.

The vial mixing screen opens with a list of diluents and extracts for the prescription as well as the included dilutions and the vial size. Gather the necessary extracts and diluents and then barcode scan or click Confirm for each vial. If an extract has been assigned a substitution, a Substitute button will appear next to that extract, clicking the button will allow you to choose a substitution for the extract. Please note: not all substitutions are of the same concentration and it may be necessary to adjust the dose if subbing out a different concentration. Refer to your hospital/clinic policy for more detail. As each item is confirmed they will be highlighted in green and the barcode number, lot number, and outdate will fill in. If an incorrect extract is scanned, an error message will pop up and you will be required to scan the correct vial before continuing. Once the final extract is confirmed you will automatically be taken to the compounding screen.

ENT Note: In an ENT environment, the ENT dilution will be shown for each extract to the right of the dose on both the grouping and compounding screens.

On the compounding screen, you will see the exact volume to dispense for each constituent in the prescription. Barcode scan or click the volume button to proceed down the list as you add the contents to the patient vial. If needed, click the Return to Grouping button to go back to the previous screen. Once compounding has been completed, a print popup will appear. The print options will be configured either to your global or local defaults, but can be changed on the fly. To add a document or destination, click the Add Print button and choose the desired document. To delete a print options, simply click the Garbage Can icon. Once you are satisfied, click the green Print button to send the documents to the appropriate locations.

Your prescription is now mixed! The prescription will fall out of the mixing queue and you'll be taken to a vial mixing screen specific to the patient. If the patient has addition prescriptions to be mixed, you can easily access them here, otherwise click the Mix Queue Quick Button to return to the main mixing queue.

Congratulations! You can now mix a prescription in Summit! For additional information, please refer to our other knowledge base articles or contact Xtract Support.