The Questions and Questionnaires portion of the video begins at 1:13

Questionnaires are used in the pre-injection process to give the provider information about the patient that could potentially impact their injections. Questionnaires can be created by the provider using questions that are also provider created and then assigned to some, or all, patients. In this article, you will learn how to create questions, how to assign questions to a questionnaire, and how to choose which patients receive which questionnaire.

Both the Questions and Questionnaires screens are under System Management in the user menu. Because questionnaires are made up of questions, we will first go over the process of creating questions, then assigning those questions to a questionnaire, and finally showing how a patient would see the questionnaire in an injection workflow. To reach the Questions screen, navigate to System Management > Questions.

As you can see in the above example, the Questions screen contains a list of existing questions, highlighted in red, and the ability to build a new question, highlighted in blue. Clicking on New Question will bring up a blank question builder that can be used to create a question. 

Above is a larger view of the question builder which consists of two main parts. The top section, highlighted in red, is where you will create the question. The process for creating the questions will be covered shortly. The bottom part, highlighted in green, shows what the patient will see when they are answering the question. This is useful as a way to see what the patient will see without having to go into a questionnaire.

The question box is where you enter the question that the patient will see. Below the question are the three different response types: text response, multiple selections, and single selection. A text response creates a fillable text response where the patient can enter an answer as opposed to select from a list of responses. Single and multiple selections operate similarly except, multiple selections allows you to make, multiple selections. To create answers for one of the selection options, enter the answer into the text box and click the green Add button.

The final option when creating a question is the ability to create a lockout response. This is an optional feature when creating a question that will require a provider with the appropriate privilege level to manually unlock the questionnaire during the questionnaire review. Before proceeding through the injection workflow, the provider has to click an unlock button if a patient selects a an answer that triggers a lockout. In the example below, the questionnaire would need to be unlocked before proceeding if the patient answers no to the question "Do you have your Epi device with you today?"

Once the question and answers have been created, click the green New button to save the question. It is now ready to be assigned to a questionnaire.

Questionnaires, as you can see in the above example, are a collection of questions that can be assigned to patients. To access the Questionnaire screen, navigate to System Menu > Questionnaires. To create a questionnaire, select New Questionnaire and give the questionnaire a name. Below the questionnaire name there are options to select how frequently the patient needs to fill out the questionnaire as well as categories of patients to assign the questionnaire to. 

Note: A patient can have more than one questionnaire assigned to them and all the questions for the questionnaires will appear on one screen for them.

The option for Taken every "X" days sets the frequency the patient will be required to complete the questionnaire. Leaving this option at zero will require the patient to complete the questionnaire every day that they receive and injection. The Auto Assign to options allow you to choose which patients receive which questionnaire(s). The options of All and Assign Individually are available in all Summit configuration. Depending on your configuration, you may have up to three additional options based on the Alert Buttons on a patient's chart. Checking one or more of these options will assign the questionnaire to any patient with the corresponding Alert Buttons checked on their chart. In the above example, the Systemic box is checked, so any patient with the Systemic Alert Button checked on their chart will see this questionnaire.

All of the created questions are listed at the bottom of the new questionnaire. Clicking on questions adds the selected questions to the questionnaire. To remove a question from the questionnaire, click the red garbage can icon. Once the desired questions are selected, verify the assignment and frequency options are correct and click the green New button. The questionnaire is now completed and will appear in the assigned patient's injection workflow.

Opening a patient's chart, we can see the Action Buttons previously mentioned. These buttons are customizable, so your configuration might look different, but in this example the Systemic button is checked so the example questionnaire should appear in the patient's injection workflow. 

You are now able to create questions, assign those questions to questionnaires, and choose which patients will see specific questionnaires. For additional help, please refer to our other Knowledge Base articles or contact Xtract support.