Note: For instructions on how to create a patient report, please refer to the Creating a Patient Report article.

The ability to print a report is available in multiple places throughout Summit whenever a printable report is created. However, if you want to reprint a report, or decide you need a report after the fact, you are still able to easily do so.

To print a patient report, first navigate to the patient chart using the Patient Search field.

Tip: You can search for a patient by their last name, first name, date of birth, or MRN/chart number.

From the patient chart, reach the patient's report history by either using the report quick button (if configured) or use the user menu Screens > Report history.

This will bring up the report history screen, which shows all the reports generated for the patient. Clicking the print or generate button for the desired report will cause the print popup to appear.

If print defaults have been configured, they will appear in the print window. To change the print option or the print destination, simply choose the desired options from the appropriate dropdown. If there are no print defaults configured, or if you want to choose an additional option, you can do so by clicking Add Print.

If you've opened the wrong report, or have changed your mind and don't want to print a report, clicking the Cancel button will leave the print popup.

Congratulations! You now know how to print a report.